Provincial's Message

Br. Mathew
Education in our country is now a challenge before every aspirant to nurture one’s professional career.

We at St. Francis College are here to support and empower those who are committed to this purpose. With this objective, the Management strives towards enlightening each and every student that enters our premises to a life of progression and growth – not just in their academics, but in their overall journey of life.

It is therefore vital that our students make the right choice and selection of their careers in order to gain professional and academic degrees. Needless to emphasize, among the frontiers of educational institutes catering to distant education in our country are few before us to identify. Shortly, St. Francis College will encourage the transformation of the professional pursuits & career needs of our students. Our college wields its good offices & rapport with reputed business establishments, corporate houses, industries both in private, public, govt. & service sectors helping our students with jobs through campus interviews & placement. Such merits of St. Francis College are laudable to the student community when they realize making & preparing for life skills.