Journalism Club

Inauguration of the Journalism Club :GAZETAR
The JOURNALISM -club, GAZETAR was inaugurated on 10th August 2019 by the Director Rev. Brother Sayimon, Assistant- Director Rev. Bother Peter and Dean of Academic Affairs , Mrs.Sameera Fernandes. The objective of Gazetar is to provide the students that ‘added advantage’ in the field of media.

The club which comprises of the students of the Department of BA and BSC(PJC) (journalism ) plans to organize the events including Quiz, Debate And Discussion ,News Anchoring, Photography, Short-Film, Radio Jockeying, Advertisements, Reporting, Show Hosting to enhance the skill set of the students.

The Council members of Gazetar includes:
1) President- Linus Joseph Soans (BA)
2) Vice-President- Trisha.B.yadav
3)Secretary-Akshaya .M
4) Joint Secretary-Sarika .P (BA)