Director's Message

Rev. Bro. Melchior Tom – Director, St. Francis College

I am humbled to be appointed the new Director of St. FrancisCollege, Koramangala, Bengaluru. As I embark on this new role in St. Francis College, I believe that my previous experience and my personal values will guide me through this journey and enable me to attain the vision of the college. I trust that I will be instrumental in giving back to society, what I have gained -‘enabling all students to access the resources and opportunities in St. Francis College to explore and realise their full potential irrespective of caste, creed or any other consideration’.

I believe that every student of the college should enjoy campus life responsibly and build fond memories that they will cherish for life. In fact, I visualise the St. Francis campus as a “second home” for students with assured safety, security and a conducive environment for teaching and learning. This is one of my priorities for the college.

It is equally important for every student to understand that graduate school is one of those endeavours that require significant personal sacrifices and also realize that its results can transform lives for themselves and their families. I assure you that the management and faculty members of the college will support you in making the best use of the campus and its resources for your personal and career growth.

St. Francis College has a dedicated, committed and trained faculty team that provides customised personal attention to each one in their chosen graduation programme and career. They are not the traditional kind of ‘teachers’, instead they are your mentors, guides and co-learners and have experienced the ‘joy of being a teacher’. They don’t teach you just ‘what they know’, but ‘what they are’!

Let me congratulate you, on your decision to further your education with a graduate degree and I am sure you will not stop with it, but will take it to its logical conclusion. I invite you to stay connected with us at St. Francis College in all your needs; be it personal or academic. May St. Francis be a chrysalis in your transformation and guide you in your career path thus enhancing your life and that of your dear ones.

God Bless!